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Have you missed me? 😇

adultLong time no speak, gentlemen…  It’s been a crazy few weeks over here in Europe, but I must say I’ve missed you all.  I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and if any orgasms have happened in my absence.  Ummmm, maaaaybe… 😳  If you know me then you are well aware of my daily morning ritual.  A sweaty run followed by a cold shower makes Phoenix a horny, horny girl… I can’t wait to have some of you join me in the tub once again. 

All you need to know is that I’m back, and if you want to know details of my adventures, you know where and how to find me! 😉  And to show you all how much I’ve missed you, I’ll be hosting a special “Morning Would” this Saturday at 9am EST.  You can listen to me rustle around in bed imagining I’m with you in the wee hours of the morning…  And we all know I’m not the only horny one in the mornings. 😉


Butt, Butt… 🍑

11-12wood2How much do you love my cute little bubble butt?  Could you imagine it snuggled next to you in bed?  Something about being the little spoon to your big spoon excites me tremendously.

Well, if you were around Saturday morning, then you got to witness a bit of what mornings would be like with little ole me.  I had tons of fun rolling around in bed, giving myself wedgies, and teasing my guys’ pricks…  I figured if you missed it, then this would be the best way to share my cherry popping experience….  🍒

Which on a side note, I know a ton of you have been curious about Ms. Lisa and I…  One of you even got really frustrated with me when I didn’t spill the beans via email.  [You know who you are, and I’m still laughing at you! haha]…  So, if you want to know the lowdown on what happened between me and Ms. Lisa, you’ll have to give one – or both – of us a call!  😈

Until then, check out the first episode of Morning Would below… 😉


Morning Would…

morningbluesI know some of you wonder what waking in the morning would be like with me…  Now you don’t have to be curious anymore!

I’ll be hosting a special Cock Radio show next Saturday morning at 9 am EST for all of my sleepy friends out there that wake up slightly aroused – obviously with morning wood.  It’s all about us being together in the morning and the fun we’d have…  Whether I’m sleepily asking you to make me a cup of coffee or telling you what I’d do with your incredibly hard cock, it’s all about our pre-breakfast ritual.

And of course, what would a Cock Radio show be without my infamous Panty Check!  So don’t worry, I’ll still flash you all my undies…  Oh, and per usual, if you guys have any suggestions, show topics or feedback, just comment below or shoot me an email.  My door is always open for naughty ideas. 😉



Bi-Curious Bae…

pizzameThis is more a bit of a public service announcement… hahaha  Um, sooooo, I plan to celebrate tomorrow by getting tipsy with my girls.  Technically there are two holidays – All Saints Day and Dia de Muertos [Day of the Dead] – and any reason to drink wine and/or champagne is good enough for me.

But, that is not what this PSA is about…  It’s about a challenge that has been presented to me by one of you guys.  Well, technically it is my one & only female caller that has dared me to act upon my fantasy…  I plan to no longer simply be just “bi-curious”, but actually finally taste another woman.  Yes, I am nervous…  Yes, I am a little scared… But mostly I am EXCITED.  And of course having a liquid courage is what’s going to set this thing in motion.

It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve been wanting to play with a lady for quite some time now, but just have never met a woman that has experience and is so openly attracted to me.  Yep, I’m talking about Ms. Lisa, yet again! haha  She too enjoys drinking champagne and flirting heavily with your little princess.  So tomorrow, on the day of the Saints and the Dead, my cherry will be popped for the second time in my life!  Let’s see how this goes! 🙂

Oh, and if you want to be a part of making this happen, just check out my wishlist and send us girls some champagne! hehehehehe 😘

Taking a leap…

10-14bAs I’m sure you all know, I can be silly from time to time…  And for some reason I love sharing my world – my life – with my guys.

Out of sheer boredom, silliness and happiness I thought it would be fun recording myself doing crazy things.  So random, right???  I’m pretty happy for a lot of reasons:

  1.  I’m alive and living in one of the most wonderful cities in the WORLD!  I have the opportunity to meet rando guys and sample some foreign peen.  A girl can’t be mad about that!
  2. My sister from another mister is here!  Well, other than my bestie, Steph, Ms. Lisa has ventured over to Europe to visit me.  I know I’ve blogged about her a million times, but you must understand my level of excitement to finally meet my virtual soul sister.
  3. I have all of you guys in my life!  Some of you drift in and out, but still you’re there…  and quite honestly I couldn’t ask for more.  Whether its for a bit of naughty fun or just genuine friendships, you all make me HAPPY!

So without further ado, here is me throwing myself into you… ❤

Special Delivery/Open Enrollment…


I know, it’s been hard pinning this princess down!   But I got a special surprise for you guys…  For this week only, I will be around [sporadically] taking calls without an appointment!  So if you’ve been trying to get a hold of me, this is the week to do it…

Reason being?  I . . . → Read More: Special Delivery/Open Enrollment…

Cock Hiatus…

If you’re keepin’ up with your little princess, then you know that I’ve been gallivanting around Europe for the past few months. Obviously, I adore you all and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve continued with hosting The Friend Zone every Friday night on Cock Radio at 9pm EST.  Well, the time difference has finally . . . → Read More: Cock Hiatus…

Toe Jam…


See, I needed a pedi really bad… and my little pet made it happen! 🙂

Ok, so I need to make a confession…  As much as I love getting pedicures, I have to admit that I’ve never had my toes sucked before.  I know, right?!?!?!  You have to understand that it’s not a . . . → Read More: Toe Jam…

Wife Crush Wednesdsay… Ms. Lisa


I’ve been thinking about Ms. Lisa a lot lately. We’ve recently had a few fantastic flirty chats with each other on Skype *giggle*, but I am especially excited (yes, excited down in my cooter!) because she is visiting me in Paris in less than a month and I am going to be her Whore . . . → Read More: Wife Crush Wednesdsay… Ms. Lisa

Long Hair Don’t Care…

Since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to have long hair…  But for some reason I never had the patience to let it grow out.  Do you know what I mean when I say “long”?  Like princess Rapunzel long…  So far down my back that it can touch my ass, long.

As I’ve gotten . . . → Read More: Long Hair Don’t Care…