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Wife Crush Wednesdays… Lady Daphne


I don’t think I truly knew the definition of “kinky” til I met Ms. Daphne.  Don’t get me wrong – I have my own twisted thoughts and fantasies, but Daphne has opened up my world to a whole new side of unimaginable pleasures and how to fulfill those desires.

She kinda puts the “ho” in “glory hole” and she has no shame in her game…  if anything, most can’t even play on her level.  Ms. Daphne is just that good.  She’s open to just about any and everything, nor does she shy away from unfamiliar sexual cravings –  Lady Daphne embraces it…  while making one feel as though they belong.  No stranger to the LGBTQ community, Daphne’s policy on kink pretty much is “come as you are”…

While I may have arrived at her doorstep as a tamed impala, she definitely has turned me into a wild cat; more predator than prey.   And I have NO regrets.

Check out her guest appearance at The Friend Zone on Cock Radio to get an idea of what I’m talking about…

Love you, Lady D! 




Rolling around in bed…

8.19a…thinking of you.  Maybe. 😉

I promised you guys I would make it up to you since I missed my last two shows on Cock Radio.  So here is a little treat for you…  While I love being active, like going for runs in the morning, hiking, etc – I also LOVE just rolling around in bed.  Its a time when I’m at peace with myself… when I tend to explore my body with the tip of my fingers.  Suck on my bottom lip while I trace the inner parts of my thigh, creeping up over my belly until I get to my hard nipples.

I don’t like masturbating in bed as in the past I’ve made messes and who wants to clean up after having an intense one-on-one session with yourself?  Plus I’m a squirter, so sometimes I don’t even know where my bodily fluids go! haha

Anywho, I recruited my bestie, Steph, to film me rolling around in bed.  It took three tries to get it done [one time she dropped the phone on my belly 😂]; so if my giggling drives you crazy, blame it on Steph! haha

You can also find this video and other fun clips of me in my vlog section here



Sorry, I’m not sorry….

I know, I should totally apologize for missing last week’s Friend Zone on Cock Radio, but I’m really not that sorry.  So why lie, huh?  I was busy having way too much fun in Madrid playing with hot Spanish boys, drinking a weird potion of red wine mixed with lemonade [which is Spain’s answer to sangria], and dancing so hard that even my bff Stephanie broke her left foot!

So yeah… Sorry, I’m not sorry…. 😘

What I will do, is totally make it up to you guys tonight and every Friday night for the rest of the summer.  How will I do that?  By tweeting more exclusive #PantyCheck pics, fun videos and ensuring that my ass will belong to you all every single Friday night [unless I don’t feel like it! 😂].

But seriously, I should say sorry, huh?….  NOPE! haha  At least not here.  I’ll tell you tonight on Cock Radio!  Maybe I’ll even live broadcast from my bathtub again! 🛀

Be sure to check me out at 9pm EST Friday nights at and chat with me during at  And if you missed any episodes, don’t fret!  You can always find them here!



Oh, hey!

07292016_62629494It’s been a crazy summer in Europe and I swear I’ve been missing you guys like crazy.  Don’t get me wrong… I’ve had fun meeting new peeps, flirting with hot German boys, rendezvousing with French hotties, but nothing beats hanging with my LDW men!

I guess this post is more of a “hello”, “how ya doing”… a way to reach out to my dudes and let you all know that you’re always on my mind.  I know, this post isn’t a “sexy” one, but more of a sincere “miss ya, wish you were here” kinda blog.

Those of you that are missing me too and in need of a fix of Phoenix, shoot me an email!  I know it can be a bit intimidating to email a gal like me, but I just want to remind you all that I’m approachable!  Sometimes sassy, but always welcoming…  And for those of you that have been in contact with me while I’ve been away, I just wanna say… Hiiiiiiii!  hahahaha 😉

Wurst is the Best….

wurstIt appears that I’m currently in the peen capital of the world:  Germany.  Did you know that the average cock size here is 20% larger than the typical American’s penis?  I’m in bratwurst heaven!  I’m not sure if body types have anything to do with the length of girth of a man’s ding-a-ling, but all of the dudes out here are reaaaaaalllly tall… and HOT!

You all know that I can be a bit of a size queen at times… laughing at the teeny weeny peens and worshiping the long + strong.  So my mission in Berlin is to not only drink a shit ton of beer, but to find the perfect sausage to accompany my beverage.  Oh, and the bonus is that many German dudes are NOT circumcised..  Something for lil’ ole me to cross off my bucket list!

Wish me luck, guys!  Because your girl is on the hunt… haha

Victoria Secret’s Shopathon Panty Check!

For the next few weeks, the #PantyCheck that I host on my weekly Cock Radio show will be sponsored by a special listener out there!  Remember a few weeks ago I told you all about my little cucky that took me shopping for some less cotton inspired undies, but for some racier + lacier . . . → Read More: Victoria Secret’s Shopathon Panty Check!

Wife Crush Wednesdays… Goddess Rachel


As one little slave has said about Goddess Rachel “I love how her words creep inside and take over…”  That’s just a taste of the raw sexual power this week’s #WCW possesses!

Goddess Rachel, well let’s call her GR… or better yet, let’s just make the sound “grrrrrrrrr” when we talk about her…. . . . → Read More: Wife Crush Wednesdays… Goddess Rachel

Princess Shops For Her Cuckold Part Deux…

Little Phoenix in her faux sports bra... sexy no? haha

Remember that time way back when I went shopping for my ultra special cuckold?  You know, the guy with the teeny weeny peeny that sent me to the mall in order to buy a sexy outfit to get fucked in by my FWB [Friend With Benefits]…  Well, my cucky strikes again!  haha

Ever since . . . → Read More: Princess Shops For Her Cuckold Part Deux…

Wife Crush Wednesdays… Mistress Brighton


I’m pretty vocal about how much I love my sister-wives here at LDW, to the point where at times I could sound a bit like a creepy perv.  Ok, well I am a creepy perv! haha  but that’s why ya love me, right?

So I decided to start a new weekly [or maybe it . . . → Read More: Wife Crush Wednesdays… Mistress Brighton


If R2D2 could see me from behind...

Did you guys realize that every Friday for The Friend Zone on Cock Radio I also host the “panty check”?  You’re probably wondering “WTF is that, Phoenix?!?!”  This all started with one of my favorite social media pervs, Florida Slave.  While he [and I] both belong to Ms. Constance, we started this fun new . . . → Read More: #PantyCheck