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Toe Jam…

See, I needed a pedi really bad... and my little pet made it happen! :)

See, I needed a pedi really bad… and my little pet made it happen! 🙂

Ok, so I need to make a confession…  As much as I love getting pedicures, I have to admit that I’ve never had my toes sucked before.  I know, right?!?!?!  You have to understand that it’s not a “go to” thing for guys my age to do… Anal – check.  Sex in public places – check.  Road head – check…  but my beloved little toesies have never been adorned with someone’s saliva.

I think it’s about time we correct that wrong, don’t you think?  At least my little cucky is working on a plan to get my toes sucked by or before my birthday!  We currently have an arrangement for him to listen in on most of the sexcapades I’ve had over the past 4 months…  Now he is dedicated to making sure my toes are ALWAYS ready for a licking…

Starting this week, he is making sure I get a pedicure every 10 days…  that way my feet are ready for action!  And you guys get to see my fresh pedi whenever I get it done!  Here’s a clip of my most recent pedicure…  Since fall is here, I went with a red wine looking color, appropriately called “Bordeaux”…

Now tell me, would you suck these toes…? 😉

Wife Crush Wednesdsay… Ms. Lisa


I’ve been thinking about Ms. Lisa a lot lately. We’ve recently had a few fantastic flirty chats with each other on Skype *giggle*, but I am especially excited (yes, excited down in my cooter!) because she is visiting me in Paris in less than a month and I am going to be her Whore Tour Guide!

We will go anywhere her little heart desires… the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower… even Disneyland Paris if she wishes. 

Of course, if she wants to sit quietly at street-side cafes sipping red wine and eating delicious cheeses with fruit and baguettes, I am up for that as well.  It would be even better if she simply just wants to sit on my face…  Let’s be honest… I am a little lesbionic! 😂 

Whatever Mistress Lisa desires. This is her trip and I want to spoil her rotten.

Of course, once she returns home with plenty of not-so-naughty memories (or maybe some will be naughty?), you can bet both of us will have new blogs up about our rendezvous.  I promise to keep ya posted. 😉

So cheers to you, Ms. Lisa…  I can’t wait until your sweet ass is here! 




Long Hair Don’t Care…

9-28Since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to have long hair…  But for some reason I never had the patience to let it grow out.  Do you know what I mean when I say “long”?  Like princess Rapunzel long…  So far down my back that it can touch my ass, long.

As I’ve gotten older – and more sexually active – I’ve learned that long hair is like a sex-ccessory [sex accessory].  It can be used as a leash…  jerking my neck back whenever I’m mounted from behind.  It could be a collar… wrapped around my neck when I’m being owned by a massive cock.  Or even as a tickler… softly gliding down my suitor’s chest + belly as I slide down to put his bing bong in my mouth! haha

Well, my wish is coming true!  I’ve been letting my hair grow out since I’ve been traipsing around Europe and I wanted to show you all…  Don’t you wanna just run your fingers through my hair?  Maybe pull on it while slapping my ass?



wedgie-gifI love giving myself wedgies…  I didn’t realize I loved it until I met a caller that requested for me to pull my panties up between my ass cheeks.  Not understanding his fascination with it, I decided to play along.  Grabbing a hold at the top of my cute little cotton knickers, letting the material ride up the crack of my ass.  Just feeling the panties graze against my asshole made my cooter pulsate in the best way possible.  Oh, and that’s not all…

Did you know that us females can get frontal wedgies?  Yep!  And O… M… G!!!!!  It’s like having camel toe, but on purpose…  Like, grabbing the softest cloud from out of the sky and rubbing it against my sweet clitty.  Letting my pussy lips spill over the edge of my panties drove me NUTS!   Forget having a lady boner, I damn near instantly came from giving myself this glorious wedgie!

So in honor of that special caller out there, here is a little looped video of me giving myself a wedgie…. Over and over again.



Click on video to play…

Je Sυιѕ Pнoeɴιх… Pαɴтιeѕ!

OK, so I’ve decided that I want my own goddamn panties!  I mean, like, I want my name plastered on your ass and on mine! hahaha

Check out a mock up of my new logo and the cute lil’ panty briefs I just got custom made.  If it turns out as good as it looks in this picture, I just might give a few pair away at The Friend Zone!

Let me know what you guys think…  I know that I’ll look good in these, but I’m wondering who would look the best in my panties.  Hmmm, maybe we’ll make a competition out of it!  You can wear it on your sweet little ass or on your face if you’d prefer.  I know a few that may even wrap it around their cocks…  So many ideas going through my perverted little head!

Don’t forget to leave a little comment below!

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Marathon Princess... ♔


I know, I miss you guys too… It’s been a week since I’ve played with my fellas and I’m back for a little fun. Germany has been such a blast that I’ve booked an Airbnb apartment here for the next week! So now all I wanna know is, who’s coming to hang with me?

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𝒯𝑜𝓎 𝓌/ 𝑀𝑒… 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝒾𝓁 𝑀𝑒! 🎁 💎 💐


Bodysuit made by one of my faves! 😍

One thing that every princess loves to be is spoiled…  I know I LOVE it!  I’m sure you’re thinking, but Phoenix you’re in Europe – how can I get my gifts over to you?  Well don’t you fret my pets, my sister-wives at LDW have found . . . → Read More: 𝒯𝑜𝓎 𝓌/ 𝑀𝑒… 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝒾𝓁 𝑀𝑒! 🎁 💎 💐

Wife Crush Wednesdays… Lady Daphne


I don’t think I truly knew the definition of “kinky” til I met Ms. Daphne.  Don’t get me wrong – I have my own twisted thoughts and fantasies, but Daphne has opened up my world to a whole new side of unimaginable pleasures and how to fulfill those desires.

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Rolling around in bed…


…thinking of you.  Maybe. 😉

I promised you guys I would make it up to you since I missed my last two shows on Cock Radio.  So here is a little treat for you…  While I love being active, like going for runs in the morning, hiking, etc – I also LOVE just rolling . . . → Read More: Rolling around in bed…

Sorry, I’m not sorry….


I know, I should totally apologize for missing last week’s Friend Zone on Cock Radio, but I’m really not that sorry.  So why lie, huh?  I was busy having way too much fun in Madrid playing with hot Spanish boys, drinking a weird potion of red wine mixed with lemonade [which is Spain’s answer to sangria], . . . → Read More: Sorry, I’m not sorry….