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Wife Crush Wednesdays… Mistress Brighton

WCWI’m pretty vocal about how much I love my sister-wives here at LDW, to the point where at times I could sound a bit like a creepy perv.  Ok, well I am a creepy perv! haha  but that’s why ya love me, right?

So I decided to start a new weekly [or maybe it should be “bi”weekly; see what I did there?] tradition to honor my beloveds with a #WCW post!  Yes, you’ve seen the hashtag floating around social media – it stands for “Woman Crush Wednesdays”, but I’m changing the “woman” part to “wife”.  And to kick it off, I had to start with my homie lover friend, Miss Brighton a.k.a Bri-Wi.

Why do I adore Miss Brighton?  Have you seen her???????  I mean, what is there NOT to love?  On top of being a complete H-O-T-T-I-E, she also is incredibly funny, witty, has amazing taste in music and an infectious laugh that would make any man [or in my case, woman] fall to their knees.  She could totally turn me into a carpet munching lesbo; seriously, let’s be honest.

There are so many more reasons why I’m obsessed with lady B; listen to the audio below to hear more of the reasons why…

Cheers to you, my dear girl…  may your cooter tingle when you read this post as much as mine is tingling as I type it! 😉



Did you guys realize that every Friday for The Friend Zone on Cock Radio I also host the “panty check”?  You’re probably wondering “WTF is that, Phoenix?!?!”  This all started with one of my favorite social media pervs, Florida Slave.  While he [and I] both belong to Ms. Constance, we started this fun new game where I flash the twitterverse my undies.  For the most part it’s usually my panties, focusing on my little bubble butt.  But [no pun intended], it’s transformed into cleavage shots too!  If I’m gonna show you my basement, you might as well take a peek at the attic too, right?

You can always find these posts under the hashtag #pantycheck, and sometimes on tumblr + Enchantrix Empire.  Here are a few #pantychecks from shows past:


For my Star Wars lovers! I geek out too, ya know! haha

For my Star Wars lovers! I geek out too, ya know! haha

If R2D2 could see me from behind...

If R2D2 could see me from behind…













Here kitty, kitty...

Here kitty, kitty…

Freckles everywhere! haha

Freckles everywhere! haha

Fingering in the Forest…

IMG_4440 Oh, how good it feels to be in the middle of nowhere…  I’ve been confined to textbooks, classrooms and my little cottage house in South Carolina for so long, that I almost forgot what it felt like to simply do nothing!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some amazing times on campus, meeting [and fucking] cute boys, flirting with the idea of tasting a classmate’s pussy…  but nothing beats meeting complete strangers in a foreign land and spending a day out in the wilderness with them.

The best part is masturbating in a tent with other people just a few feet away from me drinking wine.  Not paying attention to what I’m doing or why I’m doing it…  Something about the warmth of the sun on my freckled skin, and the way my panties drove up into my cooter while hiking to our location that got me incredibly aroused.  Of course I had no choice but to finger myself once I had a bit of privacy in the shady shelter.  I took this picture right before I decided to stick my fingers into my panties, actually! haha 🙂

And there is someone out there reading this right now that I was thinking of…  someone that I’ve missed talking to; you know who you are.  I thought about you the whole time while fingering myself in the forest. 💋




Phoenix’s 1 Yr Anniversary Favorite Things Auction!

IMG_3873I’ve been talking about it for weeks and the time has come…  It’s my one year anniversary with LDW and what better than to hold my first auction!  To make it even more fun, I’ve decided to auction off my favorite things.  Those of you that know me are well aware of my obsession with thigh high socks, Hello Kitty panties and my collection of “Little Miss…” t-shirts.  So now you have the chance to own some of my most prized possessions! 👕 👙💄

All items will be scented with my favorite perfume, Amazing Grace by Philosophy… so not only do you get a piece of me, but you’ll also get to smell your sweet princess too! 👑


How do I bid?

You bid by going to the comment section below. The opening bid is $100.00 so you can begin with that amount or higher by submitting a comment with your bid.  Be sure to use the name and email that I’m familiar with, that way I know who you are and can keep an eye on ya! LOL 😛

Once a bid has been made and posted, the increments are at a minimum of $10, but you can go higher if you’d like!  You can start bidding today at 9am EST and the auction will close at midnight EST on Friday June 17th, right after The Friend Zone on Cock Radio… 📻


What am I bidding on?  What do I win?

Well the choice is yours, actually… 💭

The highest bidder gets to choose any two of my favorite items of their choice.  So that means you can mix them up!  You can get my panties + socks, my socks + t-shirt, or my t-shirt + panties…   The choice is yours!  On top of it, I’ll send a handwritten personalized postcard from Europe along with your winning items.  Plus, I will email:

  • An ultra special short video just for you [not the one below, a different one! haha]  📹
  • Outtake selfies of myself [yes, multiple photos! haha] 📱
  • A sexy audio congratulating your win 🎙
Click video to play 😉


2nd highest bidder wins:

IMG_3879The remaining item…. so you could win either my favorite Hello Kitty panties, a pair of my thigh high socks or my Little Miss Naughty t-shirt!  Only one of these items… Either way, you’re still a winner, right? haha

And of course, I’ll also send a handwritten personalized postcard from Europe along with your winning item.  Plus, I will email:

  •  A special selfie of myself 📱
  • A sexy audio congratulating your win 🎙









3rd highest bidder wins:

A brand new tube of my fave lipstick along with a small bottle of my favorite perfume!

And I haven’t forgotten about you… I’ll also send a handwritten personalized postcard from Europe along with your winnings items.  Plus I will email:

    •  A special selfie of myself 📱
    • A sexy audio congratulating your win 🎙





I think that covers everything, huh?  LOL  If reading this all gets a bit confusing, then listen to my audio at the bottom; I’m a better talker than writer! haha 😉

As said in one of my favorite movies “may the odds be ever in your favor!” ❤ 💋


Pics of the grand prizes!

Pics of the grand prizes!



bonjourGuess who made it to Europe???  Yep, THIS GIRL!  LOL  I am soooooo happy, I can’t even begin to express the excitement, anxiety and joy I feel inside.  It’s kind of an arousing feeling, ya know what I mean?  Like, when you get something you really, really want and you start to feel this tingling feeling down between your legs…  a stirring in your crotch.  Well, that’s how I feel – my cooter is all full of tingly sensations.

So I plan to chillax in France for a bit…  use an outdoor hottub in the French Alps, drink bubbles in Champagne, check out the hot springs of Lamalou Les Bain…. and take you all on a journey with me!  Then after France, I’m thinking about heading to either Spain or Italy…  or better yet, you tell me where I should go!  You know how much I love our interactions and for you all to be involved in my life.

Oh, aaaaand, we can’t forget that my one year anniversary with LDW is next week and I’m planning an auction of my favorite things!  You can bid on one, two or all three items!  Whomever has the highest bid wins!   Auction will start next Monday June 13th…  so be on the look out for that! 😉


IMG_3866      IMG_3565       IMG_3867


Oh, Europe….

… here I come! So, I’ve moved out of my tiny little cottage house and am now back home with my folks. But not for long!!!! I bought my ticket to London yesterday and it’s all because of your generosity! Seriously, dudes, I couldn’t have been able to go backpacking this summer if it . . . → Read More: Oh, Europe….

My favorite things…


So I posted an image of me wearing my favorite article of clothing yesterday and you guys seemed to like it!  haha  Even a commenter on Enchantrix Empire, Maxie, said that she’d love a pair of my Hello Kitty undergarments!  That got me thinking….

Next month is my one year anniversary here at LDW . . . → Read More: My favorite things…

Bubble Butt…

Don't worry, I won't burn you...' 800-356-6169

One of my little minions requested an ass worship write up because of my need to run every morning to literally keep my ass in shape.   This minion also knows how much I despise being given written homework, so I’m gonna delay actually writing about my ass and how much I love having a . . . → Read More: Bubble Butt…

Wrangling me just got easier…



So now that I’m out of school for the summer, it looks like I may have time to play with you guys more!  I know that my availability has been a bit spotty in the past, but now that I’m officially a graduate, I gotta start acting more adult, right?  haha

With . . . → Read More: Wrangling me just got easier…

May the four…


… fingers wrapped around your cock tighten just a bit more for Masturbation May. Yep, I got May 4th, on a hump day for this glorious, self-gratifying month. I think I may have picked the most cliche May Day, next to Cinco de Mayo… which the incomparable Mistress Olivia will do her damnedest . . . → Read More: May the four…