So, most of you probably already know that I’m a big fan of cosplay, which means I’m obviously into role-playing. You know I always love a chance to use my imagination and creative side, especially when it comes to pleasuring myself and my pets. Recently I’ve been fantasizing about dressing up as a classic, super-feminine 1950s housewife, but in my version, it’s the man who does all the work and follows my orders. Tonight, there’s only one thing on the menu— me!

Can you picture me all dolled up in nothing but a frilly apron that barely covers my curves? I’ll probably put on some bright red lipstick. You know, the kind of red that would look perfect imprinted on your skin. And, of course, I’ll wear some classic heels and thigh-high stockings after being pampered to a nice pedicure and foot massage. Like I said, you’ll be the one doing the work. I could also have you on your hands and knees polishing my stilettos, or whipping up a batch of sweet icing for me to suck off your fingers. I might even tease you with a view of my bare ass as I bend over take a piping hot cherry pie out of the oven. And if you’re good, I’ll let you taste my cherry for dessert, just as long as you lick up every last bit of whipped cream off my body. Since it’s my kitchen, it’s my rules, and you better make sure you can stand the heat. Trust me, it can get pretty steamy. But remember, no matter how sweet I may look, I can still be spicy.