We all know the classic game of spin the bottle; it’s every slumber party’s best keep secret, a sort of rite of passage as we first enter the realms of our sexual curiosities and callings. Of course, the original version is quite innocent, just a quick peck on the lips followed by a fit of shy giggles. But it seems like everyone is fond of this game (or at least the idea of it), so I thought I might try to create my own version… obviously just for us adults! Welcome to Phoenix’s Spin the Bottle Contest.

For starters, we’ll need a bottle to spin. So, my game starts with the leisurely enjoyment of a refreshing bottle of rosé or champagne, just to set the mood and get those amorous juices flowing. Once we’ve quenched our first round of thirst, the spinning can begin! If we’re just playing one-on-one, then instead of spinning the bottle to see which person you’ll kiss, you’ll spin to see what treatment you’ll receive…. either pain or pleasure, the details of which are entirely up to my discretion. Maybe you’ll have to wear a cock ring and watch helplessly as I slowly, sensually masturbate right in front of you, forbidding you to touch yourself or get hard. Or maybe you’ll land a lucky spin and I’ll reward you with a few moments to suck on my titties, or perhaps an opportunity to taste me with your own tongue. There will be plenty of different punishments and various rewards, and you’ll have nothing but luck and my mercy on your side. And yes, all bottles point to Phoenix in the end.

But I often believe in “the more, the merrier,” so we might have to make this a real party… wouldn’t that be fun? 😛 I’d even wear my cutest silk lingerie pajama set to honor the game’s sleepover origins. Although something tells me I wouldn’t be wearing it for too long if the game goes according to plan…. Are you ready to play? Then let’s go for a spin!