I know you’ve fantasized about fucking me before… now just how many times or how often I can’t be sure, but I’ll let you keep that little secret to yourself for now! But have you ever fantasized about me fucking you? No, no, no… I don’t mean straddling you and riding you hard like a naughty cowgirl trying to tame a stallion. Nor do I mean doing it doggy-style, me thrusting my hips into you so that you slide in and out at my desired pace, giving you the illusion of dominance when it’s really me in control. These words are stirring up some delicious images in my head, and my sexual appetite is greater than ever, so I’m talking about trying something new. How does that old saying go…. I came, I saw, I conquered, right? Well now for your dear sweet Phoenix, it’s going to sound more like… I saw, I conquered,  I came 😛

I’m ready to strap on something new and teach you a thing or two about submission. Yes, you read that correctly — strap on! It’s something I’ve been curious about for a while, although I’ve never really given it a try myself. But I don’t just want to try it… I want to master it as quickly as I’ve mastered you… which means lots of practice is in store! So instead of teasing you with my deliciously juicy pussy as usual, I’ll be tantalizing you with my delightfully stiff cock. Don’t worry, I promise to be gentle with you as I find the right rhythm…. unless of course you’d like it rough 😉  Either way, I’ll need you to bend over, spread those legs, and prepare to feel a pleasure that has gone deeper than ever before. If you’re so inclined to start out on your knees and show me just how much you really want that pleasure, then I may be more generous…. anyways, it’s time for me to strap on my special dominatrix panties… and for you to prepare to be conquered! Oh, and just to be clear because equality is ever so important…. ladies, this goes for you, too! 😉