… let me count the ways.

How much do I love thee?

Well take your love for me and multiply it by infinity…”


While getting ready for happy hour with my new Parisian friends, I thought of you… Yes, you. I was inspired to take a little video/gif of myself getting dressed to whet your appetite.Β  I imagined you watching me as I slid on my lacey black panties…Β  fucking me with your eyes.Β  You know I belong to you… just as you belong to me.

So here is a gift from me to you.Β  Know that even when I’m doing the most mundane tasks, you are always on my mind.Β  If you want an even bigger gift and see the full length video, all you have to do is ask… and be ready to reciprocate! ????

And if you want this post to be about you… then, you know how to reach me, right? πŸ˜‰