A Poem for my Pets

In the depths of the night when your fantasy calls
To wake you from a distant dream,
I will be there, clad in passion and awe,
Reigning over you in divine majesty.

Every whisper to escape these velvet lips
Will be your precious command,
And when I sing my song of lust,
You may dare to rest your hand…

On the curves of my perfect physique,
On the beauty of my naked chest,
On the softness of my little feet,
On the pinkness of my pulsing sex.

As the goddess of your desires,
I have seen your reveries,
I have brought you to the edge of pleasure,
I have fulfilled your dreams of me…

Dreams of my mouth around your manhood,
Glistening with thirst for your release,
Dreams of your body serving mine,
Making me writhe with ecstasy.

Yes, in the depths of the night,
Your fantasy will become truth,
I will be there, clad in sensual light,
To dominate over you.