Another little poem for my naughty little pets…

Sun in the sky, sex in the air

Soul flying high, Skin soft and bare

Natural woman, won’t you come to me?

Oh natural woman, won’t you come for me?

Midsummer night, sweet nothings on my lips

Fantasies taking flight, quivering hips

Oh mistress, won’t you be mine?

Most delicious mistress, won’t you be all mine?

Dreams in your head, pink and wet

Dreams of my bed, you naughty little pet

I’m a natural woman, proud and strong

A modern-day siren, singing her song

A friend of desire, a daughter of naked

No fear of fire, no stranger of temptation

Phoenix, won’t you come to me?

Oh Sweet Phoenix, won’t you come for me?


*When I think of you, I become inspired… This poem is for all of my little pets that put a smile on my face everyday!  You spoil me with gifts, your time, your kind words, your presence.  I love you all! <3