Back from Paris: Safe + Sound!

She is ridiculously pretty when lit at night... Le sigh.

She is ridiculously pretty when lit at night… Le sigh.

Phew!  Saying I dodged a bullet would be an understatement and quite honestly is one of the reasons why I haven’t been logged on since my return back from Paris.  While I got back from my France internship on Nov 12th, news of the horrific attacks in Paris on the following day rocked my world.  I was not there physically when it happened, but the locations couldn’t have hit closer to home.

Bar with free WiFi… I’m there!

I lived in the 10th arrondissement while in Paris, so I would hang out at Le Carillon and Petite Cambodge in my neighborhood for three reasons: they staffed REALLY hot boys, the drinks were cheap [lots of the time gratis when Jean worked] and they offered free WiFi.  No way would I know that these two places would ever be targets for the heinous acts pulled off literally 24 hours after my departure, and my heart is still with them even now as I type.

I know this is meant to be a “sexy” blog post…  but if you know me, then you know that I’m just a girl.  I’m just another human being sharing my life with you.  I appreciate all of the emails, tweets and smoke signals [jk] sent out checking on my well being.  Just know that I’m fine… a little heartbroken, but fine.  I’ll be logged on and taking requests as I’m sure you want to know details other than the sad shit!  There definitely are a lot of HAPPY memories, and for a few of you that had a chance to speak to me while I was in France are well aware of those adventures 😉

Bottom line is, Lil’ Phoenix is home!  I’m sure you can figure out ways to cheer up lil’ ole me…. 😉