Besties with Breasties!

Most of you guys probably associate February with Valentine’s Day. Well, I love celebrating the lesser known holiday created by Leslie Knope of Parks & Rec called “Galentine’s Day”.  While it was meant to be an innocent holiday honoring female friendship, I’m using it as a way to talk dirty with my gal pals, and hopefully exchange underwear and swap naughty stories as gifts.

Besties with Breasties

It’s exactly how it sounds.  I’ve asked two of my LDW BFFs to hang with me this Friday on Cock Radio to celebrate our lesbionic holiday.  Join Mistress Alyssa, Ms. Brighton and myself for a special episode of the “Friend Zone,” tomorrow at 9pm EST.  Though we’ll be chatting in Community Kink, the majority of our time will be flirting and playing with each other like no one’s listening!   Who knows what we’ll say or do together, hahaha!

Topics, Questions, Suggestions

Since us girls will probably be preoccupied with one another, we’d love for you to submit any questions, topics or suggestions below in the comment section.  We know some of you guys aren’t able to join tomorrow at 9pm, but have no fear!  With our new podcasting abilities, you can listen or download our special episode after it airs!  So yes, you can still participate. NO EXCUSES!

The Friend Zone on Cock Radio

**Audio soon**