Big Peen = Happy Queen…




… or in my case, a Happy Princess!

I received an email last week asking if I was a size queen.  Instead of sending a private reply to this query, I thought it would be best to post a response on my blog.  I’m sure there are quite a few of you out there that wonder how hungry my cooter* gets and how much it likes to be fed.  Since this is such an important question and has quite a detailed explanation, a recorded response is in order, don’t you think?  I know my teeny, weeny peeny committee and the cucky boys agree…  so listen to the audio below if you’re interested in finding out the answer.  Don’t worry, it’s unscripted and off the cuff…  the usual spontaneous, craziness you’ve learned to expect from lil’ ole me!  haha

If you ever have questions that you want publicly answered, you know where to find me. 😉


*Cooter means vagina, pussy, cooch, cookie, flower…  whatever floats your boat.  haha