Bitch Please Part II: Return of The Bitch

“Good morning, baby…” you hear me murmur softly while I gently nibble on your ear. You slowly open your eyes and orient yourself, still waking from an intense dream. Your cock is stiff against the crisp white sheets, my legs are entangled with yours, my hands running up the small of your back… soft sunlight shines through the window and the room smells faintly of roses… a picture perfect morning in bed with your exquisite Phoenix. You turn over and gaze into my adoring eyes, seemingly innocent yet somehow gleaming with a devilish hunger… and before you can take your next breath I have pinned you down and awoken you with a hard slap!

That’s right you foolish motherfucker… the bitch is back! Oh, you thought this was going to be some sweet little fairytale? Ha! Maybe for me, since I’m the princess with her personal servant. Today— every single moment and every single thing I see until the sun goes down — belongs to ME! You are not to speak. You have no free will. You exist only to serve. You will start by cleaning yourself up and putting that sad, silly looking sissy penis in a chastity cage. You are my prisoner…. yes, every part of you….

If you manage to do that in a timely fashion and return to me — on your knees, of course — then I may grant you the special privilege of running my morning bath and watching as I pleasure myself until I orgasm over and over and over again. You must ensure that I have a satisfactory amount of bubbles in the bath at all times, that my bottomless mimosa never runs dry, that all the water splashed around is mopped up… then you’ll have to pat me dry and apply lotion to every inch of my body. If you’re a good boy and can do this while obeying all my rules, then I may treat you to my next self-pleasure session that afternoon…. with you on your knees, my back against the wall and one foot resting on your shoulder so that my delicious pussy is right in front of you but you are totally helpless… maybe I’ll even use you as a throne and sit upon you…. here comes another slap!

Wake the fuck up! Did you really think I’d be that nice and let you get a taste of this pussy? Never! How dare you even imagine that you could touch me… you’re in for some real punishment. You see, my style of domination in this moment revolves around giving you the greatest mind-fuck of your life. You won’t know what’s real and what’s just fantasy… the only thing that is certain is that you are my bitch and I have mastered you completely… understood? Then say “yes, mistress….”

*This post was inspired by one of my little pets… YOU know who you are…*