Breakfast in bed…

Unless sex or steamy showers (or both) are involved, I’m not much of a morning person. Even when I used to go for regular morning jogs, my main motivation was the post-run masturbation session I would have in my shower… but that still happens on a regular basis anyways. Although it’s a daily struggle to leave the warm comfort of my sheets, there is one thing that gets me moving— a scrumptious breakfast. But sometimes I don’t even have to leave my bed to experience a yummy start to the day… breakfast in bed is like a dream come true for me 😛

Of course, breakfast in bed is much sweeter when you have someone to share it with… don’t you agree? And no matter how much I love a buttery croissant or gooey pain au chocolat in the morning, nothing makes my mouth water like the thought of enjoying a big sausage… yes, I’m talking about your thick, hard cock. So forget about pouring a glass of OJ— I’d rather taste your juice. And don’t worry about cutting up any berries, because I’ve already got something sweet for you to taste between my legs. I probably wouldn’t even bother to ask you what you’re in the mood for— I’d just roll over and take you into my mouth, or let you take me in yours. Wouldn’t that be a nice wake-up call? No words, no questions, just fucking each other like it’s our natural instinct to do so. Nibbling and sucking each other, savoring every taste on our tongues… mmmm how sweet this sounds. Tell me, how would you like to wake me up? What delicious things would you do to me? I hope you’re ready to work up an appetite 😉

Since there’s nothing more appetizing than sex, I’ve decided I’ll just have you for breakfast in bed. And I’m going to take as much as I want… maybe two or three servings. After all, isn’t it the most important meal of the day?