Butt, Butt 🍑

11-12wood2How much do you love my cute, little, bubble butt? Could you imagine it snuggled next to you in bed? Something about being the little spoon to your big spoon excites me tremendously.

Well, if you were around Saturday morning, then you got to witness a bit of what mornings would be like with little, ole me. I had tons of fun rolling around in bed, giving myself wedgies, and teasing my guys’ pricks. I figured if you missed it, then this would be the best way to share my cherry popping experience. 🍒

Which on a side note, I know a ton of you have been curious about Ms. Lisa and I. One of you even got really frustrated with me when I didn’t spill the beans via email.  [You know who you are, and I’m still laughing at you! haha]. So, if you want to know the lowdown on what happened between me and Ms. Lisa, you’ll have to give one – or both – of us a call!  😈

Until then, check out the first episode of Morning Would below. 😉