Careless Whispers

… well more like careful whispers.  Per usual, it’s kinda difficult pinning me down for a little one-on-one time.  But I have a valid excuse: I’m back home at my parent’s house!  So, it has been pretty hard for me to have some alone time to play with you guys, then one morning, I woke up incredibly aroused and really wanting to get off.  Yes, I could have finger-blasted myself to completion in my little twin size bed, alone in the dark, but, I really wanted one of my phone faves to MAKE me cum.

That’s when the “whisper session” was born!  My phone fuck buddy was more than happy to serve me in the wee hours of the morning while everyone else in my home peaceful slept. It was pretty fucking fantastic! Sensually whispering in each other’s ear while sneakily masturbating in a room I hadn’t slept in since I was eighteen years old.  It all felt pretty taboo and delicious, plus coincidentally, it is an ASMR experience.

So, I’ve decided to open these sessions to all of my callers!  If you see me online between 6am-8am EST, then you’re in for a treat. I’m the horniest in the morning, and there is the odd excitement of me potentially getting caught. 😇😈

Oh, and if you want to securely wake up with me in the morning, be sure to schedule an appointment here or below…  you won’t regret it. 😘