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Category: Girl on Girl

Bi-Curious Bae

This is more a bit of a public service announcement… hahaha  Um, sooooo, I plan to celebrate tomorrow by getting tipsy with my girls. Technically there are two holidays – All Saints Day and Dia de Muertos [Day of the Dead] – and any reason to drink wine and/or champagne is good enough for me….

Wife Crush Wednesdays… Goddess Rachel

As one little slave has said about Goddess Rachel “I love how her words creep inside and take over…”  That’s just a taste of the raw sexual power this week’s #WCW possesses! Goddess Rachel, well let’s call her GR… or better yet, let’s just make the sound “grrrrrrrrr” when we talk about her….  Grrrrrrr is…

Wife Crush Wednesdays… Mistress Brighton

I’m pretty vocal about how much I love my sister-wives here at LDW, to the point where at times I could sound a bit like a creepy perv.  Ok, well I am a creepy perv! haha  but that’s why ya love me, right? So I decided to start a new weekly [or maybe it should…

A Gift To My Virtual Girlfriend

This post is a bit of a selfish one.  You can continue to read, but I felt the need to give a warning in case it evokes any unnecessary jealousy.  It’s pretty well known that my biggest fantasy is to taste a woman.  If you listened in on last Friday’s Cock Radio show, then you…