Color Me Mine

Time to share a secret desire of mine… are you ready? I’ve always wanted to be body painted! Okay sure that doesn’t sound super sexual, but the thought of baring every inch of my body and being transformed into a work of art just gets me excited in so many ways. I’ve seen some gorgeous and incredibly realistic examples of body paint, and now I want to strip and shave and present my body as a blank canvas. I wonder how the paintbrush would feel gliding across my smooth breasts. Would it be cold, giving me goosebumps and making my nipples hard? Would it tickle like a feather? And if my pussy was painted… well it might be hard not to squirm with excitement.

I love the idea of creating such an illusion, and making you explore every part of my body with only your eyes before I will pleasure you. You’d have to look very closely… And if the body paint is perfect enough, I’d love to walk around butt-ass naked and see how many people I can fool into thinking my naughty bits are covered when really they’re exposed. Maybe I could start with a painted bikini at the beach… let’s just hope the water doesn’t wash the paint away too quickly, or else you might have to use your own body to cover mine from the view of everyone else 😉 Then again, I think it would also be super sexy to see the paint be washed away, revealing my body in its most natural state. What do you think? Would you like to see me painted up? Or perhaps you would prefer to be the artist, using only the tips of your fingers and your cock to paint me.