Cuddle Partner Wanted

Calling all my lovers! Applications are officially open for a position as my next cuddlebug. That’s right, I’m in search of someone to come press their body tightly against mine, enveloping me in all the warmth, comfort and admiration that I deserve. I’m just in such a cuddly mood, and sadly my teddy bear just isn’t doing the trick. I need someone life-size and a bit more meatier.

I love the sensation of skin-on-skin contact, and the excitement of such intimate closeness. I want to feel your body on mine, every curve fitting together in physical harmony. I’ll even let you in on one of my little secrets. I’d probably get really turned on if I felt your thick, stiff manhood pressed against my beautiful ass. And you know I’d have to tease you by slowly grinding against your cock…. all in the name of cuddling, of course.

Other than the physical pleasure, one of the reasons I love cuddling so much is the anticipation that it creates. Being so close in proximity to someone else… allowing yourself to be vulnerable… learning how your bodies fit and move together. Imagine placing your head between my soft breasts and listening to my heartbeat… imagine watching goosebumps of pleasure appear on my skin as you embrace me with your gentle touch… imagine your lips irresistibly close to my bare skin…. who knows what our cuddles could become?  

If you think you’re up to the task, then don’t hesitate to convince me! Qualified applicants will be invited for a special in-person interview where they’ll have to demonstrate their cuddling competencies. But don’t worry if you have limited experience— a training course will be provided! Come on, all you cuddle bugs, see if you’re worthy enough to crawl into my sheets.