Femme Fatale

Enchanting, alluring, intoxicating… these are just a few adjectives to describe the oh-so-sought after femme fatale. Now that I’m back in the city of love and lights, I’ve been wondering… who exactly is that femme fatale? She sounds almost mythic, like something from a wicked fantasy or a Hollywood film noir. She’s dark and dangerous, isn’t she? Clad in unforgiving leather and a merciless pout… The sultry mistress who takes pleasure from your every pain and bends your sweet desires into eternal sexual servitude… that’s what most would imagine, right?

But could she also be that doll-faced beauty with a bright aura of innocence swirling about her? Could she be that seemingly average girl next door with curiosity in her eyes and a delicate word on her lips? I like to think that every woman is a femme fatale — in her own way — and challenging this literary archetype has given me so many ideas 😉  In the midst of this little revelation, it dawned on me that becoming a femme fatale is less about appearance and more about attitude. Whether she’s golden or raven-haired, whether she’s wearing leather or lace, whether she’s got vampy makeup or a fresh face, she is provocative, captivating, tempting, irresistible! Her intelligence is sexy, her confidence is erotic, her command over you is not limited to chains or whips, rather her understanding of true pleasure and raw desires. She is lethal not because she has bewitched your body, but because she has seduced your mind.

The idea of the femme fatale is something I want to continue exploring… just as I continue exploring my own sexuality and lustful wishes… who knows, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of me turning my femme fatale fantasies into realities 😉