Fitness Witness

While scrolling through my tantalizing photos and video teases (c’mon, I know you do it!) you might be wondering to yourself, how does she maintain such a smokin’ hot bod?   😛 Well it’s not always easy, especially given my abundant love for pizza and all things dessert. But luckily I’m a very motivated individual who loves physical activity, so working out is actually quite the pleasure! And in my humble opinion, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is both mentally and physically strong. I usually like to start my workout routine with squats, it’s basic but it’s the best way to shape your booty! And the deeper you go, the better the burn. It’s such a satisfying pain, perhaps because you know how great the reward will be later. After my daily set of squats, I like to work out my core. You know, a strong core means stronger stamina for all sorts of physical activities like swimming, climbing, fucking, and more fucking, just to name a few. It’s all about endurance… not just how deep you can go, but also how long you can go for.   

Sometimes while I’m working out, I like to fantasize about other people doing the same…seeing their bodies contract and expand in beautiful ways, their skin glistening with sweat, their muscles bulging…. that’s why I usually work out at home, because I’m so easily distracted at the gym! Plus, working out in privacy allows me to really get in touch with my own body. I like to push myself and see what my body is capable of by trying out new poses and exercises… and if I want to explore certain muscles more in depth, well then I have no reason not to. While I won’t share all of my secrets with you (a girl’s gotta keep some for herself!), I will give you a glimpse into my workout routine… are you ready to witness this fitness? Just try not to work up too much of a sweat by simply watching.