As you probably already know, part of being a princess means being pampered… and it’s about time that Phoenix gets some special treatment! My little toes are long overdue for a pedicure, especially now that summer is arriving and I can show off my feet in sandals again. While I’m deciding which color to paint my nails, I’ll let you treat my toes to a steamy little bubble bath, then you can massage my feet for a good while, slowly appreciating every soft, sensitive spot of my skin. But you must be tender… sometimes I can get a little ticklish 😛

If you do a good job massaging me, I may grant you the special privilege of sucking on my toes. While I don’t necessarily have a foot fetish (well, at least not yet anyways), having my toes sucked is actually one of my favorite sensations! It’s not an obvious pleasure for most people, but I was so curious about it for a long time and now I have to admit it’s such a turn on… I love that warm, wet feeling of the inside of someone else’s mouth, and to enjoy that sensation in an unexpected place of my own body makes the experience all the better. Would you be willing to try? 😛

Your princess loves her pedicures, but she also has high expectations. I want to have perfectly painted toenails, and the smoothest skin anyone has ever touched. So you better not disappoint me… or else I may have to dole out some punishment 😉