Great ASSets…

Time to talk about one of my favorite subjects: my butt! I know that I tease you all the time with photos and poems, but since you’ve all been so sweet to me lately, I wanted to reward you with another glimpse into how exactly I acquire my ASSests 😛

I’ve got one word for ya — squats! It’s that simple! I’m a very disciplined young lady, and I make sure to do my daily squats to get this rounded and toned ass. Now just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy… but you know I like it hard 😉  I’ve started adding squats to all of my workout routines, and sometimes I’ll even do some to get my day off to a good start… those squats fit nicely between my morning masturbation session and my steamy shower. I love that slow burn that starts creeping into my muscles the deeper I get into those squats… I get as low to the floor as possible, and when I stand up that release is just sooooo satisfying. And it’s just as satisfying to know that I’m increasing my stamina for other *athletic* activities. I love taking control and getting on top… then turning it around reverse cowgirl style so you can appreciate my sweet ass as I ride your cock… slow and deep just like how I do my squats in the morning 😉

You’re probably already imagining how good that would feel, my juicy pussy gliding up and down your shaft, my peachy butt jiggling with each movement… well in case you need even more of an idea, allow me to tantalize you with a glimpse into my squat workout!