hey soul sissy…

I’m in the mood for some dress up games today… I know, I know, putting on clothes isn’t nearly as fun as taking them off, and usually I do prefer the latter. But this time I won’t be the one getting all dolled up— you will. I want to see you in my panties, maybe in a pair of heels, maybe even with some red-hot lipstick that I can kiss off your lips. I want you to embrace my fantasy and your inner femininity.

So let go of any apprehensions you may have, any misconceptions about emasculation. Some people are so afraid of that word, as if even uttering it aloud will somehow make you lose all of your personal value. But at the core of its definition is simply the idea of replacing one’s identity, and that’s what I aim to do. I want to dress you up and strip you down, creating a new identity and a new curiosity deep within yourself. I want you to know the satisfying caress of lace panties against the soft skin of your crotch, the achingly beautiful pain of sky-high heels. And if you’re a good little doll, perhaps I’ll let you know the pleasure of being fucked from behind.

Remember, nothing from the outside world matters when you’re with me. It’s just you, me, and all the naughty magic our bodies can create.

So won’t you be my sissy? Let me dress you up like the slut I know you are deep inside, and the slut you will soon become… but only for me 😉