Just me…

morningSomething you should understand about me…  My world does not revolve around getting guys off; it’s all about experiences and making memories.  I am aroused more often than I care to advertise to my friends, so I am honored to have this outlet for all of my erotic needs.

I am a nerd.  A comic book junkie – I prefer Marvel over DC when it comes to production/movies, but DC over Marvel for their realistic approach w/ their written content.  I love cosplay…  Would dress up in any sexy costume that isn’t a nurse or french-maid; I prefer creativity over normalcy.  I welcome companions that are open-minded, not simply compliant.  I love a man that can play dress up too and act just as silly.  It’s a huge turn on.  I love having pets/slaves, but not drones.  I like for my worshippers to have their own minds and opinions, but are respectful of my wishes and desires.

I have a smart ass mouth and don’t care if you like it or not.  This may turn some on and turn others off.  C’est la vie.  I accept those for who they are in hopes that they will do the same to/for me.  Accept my sexual desires and curiosities…  allow me to explore yours.  Become fuck buddies, or masturbation mates.   Forge genuine relationships.  Yeah, this may be fantasy, but I am not a robot… I am real! haha

I like eating ice cream for breakfast, making out [and fingerblasted]  in public places, being silly… being human.  That is what I have to offer:  just me.

I warned you all that my blog would be like a diary – if you don’t like it, then beat it! [literally and figuratively]  😉