Just Peachy

Have you ever noticed how often we use certain foods as metaphors for our bodies? Take for example eggplants, cucumbers, bananas…they all allude to a certain male member, right? And of course we all know what the beloved peach emoji really represents 😉 I suppose it can be a little strange to sexualize a mere piece of fruit… you know, sometimes we girls have to be careful about how we eat bananas or lick our ice cream cones in public so as to not create too strong of an allusion and make things hard for you boys (yes, that pun was intended). But then I remember how biting into a plump apple and letting the juices trickle down your lips, or sucking the sweetness of an orange from your fingertips after you peel it, and even gently caressing the soft fuzz of a peach can feel so erotic. 

And who says you can’t have a little fun with your food? I’m curious about the sensation of your mouth moving across my bare skin and biting into some succulent berries, or how you might taste along with certain fruits… I may even add a drizzle of honey to make things extra sweet. Imagine how juicy and delectable a cherry would be coming from me, and maybe that won’t be the only kind of juice I’ll let you taste… And who knows, if you behave well, I might let you add some cream to my peaches.

Do you have any fantasies about playing around with food in the bedroom? I’d love to know what kind of sweet or savory things you’d like to lick off my body.