Long Hair Don’t Care

9-28Since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to have long hair. But for some reason, I never had the patience to let it grow out. Do you know what I mean when I say “long”?  Like princess Rapunzel long…  So far down my back that it can touch my ass, long.

As I’ve gotten older – and more sexually active – I’ve learned that long hair is like a sex-ccessory [sex accessory]. It can be used as a leash…  jerking my neck back whenever I’m mounted from behind.  It could be a collar… wrapped around my neck when I’m being owned by a massive cock. Or even as a tickler… softly gliding down my suitor’s chest + belly as I slide down to put his bing bong in my mouth! haha

Well, my wish is coming true!  I’ve been letting my hair grow out since I’ve been traipsing around Europe, and I wanted to show you all. Don’t you wanna just run your fingers through my hair?  Maybe pull on it while slapping my ass?