May the four…


… fingers wrapped around your cock tighten just a bit more for Masturbation May. Yep, I got May 4th, on a hump day for this glorious, self-gratifying month. I think I may have picked the most cliche May Day, next to Cinco de Mayo… which the incomparable Mistress Olivia will do her damnedest to get you stroking tomorrow to her Masturbation May post.

So today you’re stuck with nerdy me… And I have a special treat for you guys. I’m pretty sure I’ve made it known that I’m a daily masturbator and that my weapon of choice is my shower-head… specifically after my morning run. Thinking about my shower-head when I picked my day to guide this Masturbation May train, there was only one phrase that kept coming to mind…

“May the fourth… er force of my shower-head blast a gut-wrenching orgasm from my cooter!” hahaha

So, my audio is just that: me showering to completion.*   Enjoy! And be sure to tune in for Mistress Olivia’s Masturbation May entry next!

*If you want to hear the complete version of this audio, just let me know the next time we’re on a call and I’ll send it to ya! 😉