Missed You

Sometimes life just happens… with or without you…  All that being said, I miss you guys!  I’ve been a bit elusive due to family stuff, but when am I NOT hard to get, huh?   I like to think that it’s part of my charm. 😏

I guess I mainly want you all – my lovers – to know that I genuinely think of you guys every day…. like, if I had more privacy, I’d probably wouldn’t feel so blue…  because I wouldn’t be without you!  So, let’s figure things out… eh?  I’m back stateside for a bit, on EST… sleeping in the same bed I first masturbated in…  So, I don’t see how we can’t make this fun… right?  Shoot me an email so we can sort out a sesh….  or, just send a message for the fuck of it!  I sorta kinda love rando correspondence. 🙂


No matter where I am, I’ll always be near my dear… 😉