Movies, anyone?

Having sex in strange places seems to be on everyone’s bucket list, whether it happens intentionally or unexpectedly. (Totally understandable — sometimes the heat of the moment just takes you, doesn’t matter where or when or who’s around.) I admit that this is a big turn-on for me as well; doing the dirty in a place where it shouldn’t be done adds a major excitement factor that makes the deed even more exhilarating. So it’s no surprise that having sex in public places is something I’d like to check off my own list.

But where to start? I was thinking, the movie theater! I know, I know, it seems so obvious, and tons of people have gotten it on in movie theaters long before I came along, but it’s a great starting point and almost a rite of passage for us sexual adventurers. Sitting side by side in a darkened room, surrounded by strangers who know of our existence, but can’t see us. Well, I’m getting aroused just thinking of the secret naughtiness of it all. Since it is awfully dark in movie theaters, I’ll have to slowly explore your body with my hands instead of undressing you with my eyes as I normally like to do. My fingers will have to run up and down your thighs, finally locating and caressing the bulge between your legs, before I discretely unzip your pants and slide my hand down to meet your stiff cock. So as to not get caught or attract the attention of others, I’ll have to work very slowly, and you’ll have to stay very silent, no matter how badly you’ll want to moan in pleasure. And, if at some point during the movie I bend down to pick up some item I’ve “dropped,” and suddenly find my head in your crotch and take you into my mouth, well I’m sure you would enjoy the climax of the movie.

I love the idea of taking risks, so sex in a public place is something I want to accomplish sooner rather than later. Does this idea turn you on as well? You know, I happen to be free this weekend and would love to be taken out on a date. Maybe dinner and a movie?