My favorite things…

IMG_3866So I posted an image of me wearing my favorite article of clothing yesterday and you guys seemed to like it!  haha  Even a commenter on Enchantrix Empire, Maxie, said that she’d love a pair of my Hello Kitty undergarments!  That got me thinking….

Next month is my one year anniversary here at LDW with my awesome sister-wives and I thought it may be fun to possibly auction off my favorite things!  What do you guys think?  haha  I know, you guys are like “Phoenix, here you go with one of your silly ideas…”  But all I can think of is how much of me I want to share with you all!

That inspired me to sing you all a little song and talk about this potential, fun auction for my guys + gals to bid on!  Leave comments below and let me know if this is something your princess should do! 🙂