On the Edge

Tonight, I want to take you to the edge of glory, of greatness…of orgasm! But I don’t want to take you there just once or twice. I want to get you to the edge over and over again until you’ve gone mad begging for that sweet release. It may seem like a punishment at first, denying you that incredible sensation of cumming for me, but I’m actually going to make it a reward. That’s right, edging is your reward! 😛   And if you earn it, and you do have to earn it because you know I’m a demanding mistress who has high expectations of her pets, then you’ll soon realize that riding on that edge makes for an even greater, even more indescribable pleasure. But only if I allow it, of course.

I like to have my own fun while teasing you, so we could make a sweet little game out of this. Let’s say for every time you get down on your knees and suck my precious little toes, I’ll allow you to edge. Or every time you witness me pleasuring my own delicious pussy without daring to interrupt with any sounds, you’ll be granted an opportunity to edge. Better yet, for every three orgasms you give me, you’ll receive just one edge in return. I’m just loving all the possibilities. But no matter what happens, you are strictly prohibited from cumming. That pleasure is mine, and mine only! Just thinking about it gets me all wet with excitement.

I hope you’ve been a good boy and have practiced your self control lately, because tonight, baby, we’re living on the edge!