Play me on repeat…

Hello lovers… I’ve got a question for you! What kind of music do you like to listen to when you’re all turned on and doing the dirty? Do you like something classic like smooth jazz? Something sultry like Lana del Rey?  Some provocative R&B? Perhaps no music at all? Maybe you just prefer the sounds of breathing, kissing, touching, fucking, in the moment of your ecstasy… I’m always on the lookout for recommendations, so please don’t by shy about sharing your favorite sex playlist!

My preference really depends on my mood… okay, I might be talking about more than music 😉  Sometimes I want something chill on in the background, and other times I want something with a big beat, something with lots of energy to make my heart beat fast. But lately, I’ve been doing a little experiment of sorts, and I’ve come to enjoy the sound of my own voice. That might sound kind of weird, and definitely very vain, but I don’t care 😛  Talking to myself while masturbating, hearing my voice as I explore my body helps me better connect with myself and my fantasies. Focusing on every word draws me further into myself and creates heightened sensations as my body makes its own harmonies. 

Now I have another question: would you like to listen to me the next time you get it on? Maybe you’d like to hear my soft breathing or my gasps of ecstasy, or maybe my silky voice making my every wish your command… and maybe you’d like all of this with or without background music. Either way, tell me what you like 😉