Call me crazy, but I have a suspicion that calling me is the best part of your day… at least I hope it is! I really do strive to make your day— and your nights of course. But it’s so easy to say whatever you want from the comfort and privacy of your own home…. and you know that sometimes I prefer things to be hard. Wouldn’t it be fun if you called me from someplace a bit more conspicuous, perhaps even public? I think it’s a wonderfully naughty idea. I could whisper all sorts of delicious things in your ear, but you’d be forced to keep your cool. And all the while, no one else around you would ever know all the dirty things I’m saying… it would just be our little secret!

I think it would be extra exciting if you called me while at work… maybe one day you have to step outside during a break to take care of some “extremely urgent personal matter.” Or, you have to phone me from a public place… let’s say a park bench or while you’re walking down the street, or maybe someplace you’re not even supposed to speak, like a hidden corner of a library…would you dare? Either way, the riskier, the better! There’s something so exhilarating about intentionally misbehaving… and I should know, because I do it all the time.

We could call it a Phoenix Playdate… an opportunity to brighten up your day and have some clandestine fun! Just imagine me whispering in your ear all these naughty things… like how my pussy is glistening with juicy desire, or how I’m going to make you lick the floors just for a peek at my bare breasts, that is after I strap a collar around your neck and walk you around like my bitch… all those thoughts that make you squirm with anticipation… but you can’t show it! I think it would be a mighty fun method of teasing you! Are you up for the challenge? Just let me know when you want to schedule your next Phoenix Playdate.