Primping Princess

There are so many things I adore about my femininity, especially all of the primping and pampering I receive. It sounds vain, yes, but I’m not shy about admitting that I love all the special attention you boys give me.  But you only ever see the finished product, after I’ve done my hair and makeup and applied a fresh layer of lipstick, since you’ve been so sweet to me lately, I’m thinking of granting you the privilege of watching me primp. Wouldn’t you love to shamelessly stare on as I slowly rub body butter all over my skin, massaging gently so all the moisture soaks in and makes my body smoother than silk? Or as I delicately roll my sheer stockings up my thighs… fasten my garters into perfect place and gently slip on a sharp pair of stilettos to walk all over you with later. You can even watch as I bend over right in front of the mirror to put on the finishing touches of my makeup — a few little flicks of the mascara wand, some light strokes of blush on my cheeks and of course a new touch of lipstick that I might let you kiss off at the end of the evening. It would be like having a little glimpse into the private life of Phoenix… the behind-the-scenes moments that reveal juicy little details and create a newer, more irresistible level of intimacy. And you know how I like things to be intimate… So keep spoiling your princess, pampering me with little surprise gifts, sweet words, and of course your naughtiest fantasies… and I’ll enchant you with a Phoenix-primping- exclusive.