Princess shops for her Cuckold

IMG_20150730_141647I never knew what a cuckold was until I started working on this line…

I mean, I’ve heard the word before, but never thought anything of it.  Until I met Jimmy.  Yes, he is well aware of my mentioning him in this blog post and as his princess I get to do/say whatever I want so…  😛

When I first talked to Jimmy, he was proud of his huge cock…  He would go on and on about how well-endowed he was, but that his fantasy was for me to tease him as if he had a small dick.  Of course I was like, wait a minute… do you or do you not have a huge cock?  That’s when the truth came out…  Jimmy’s cock is only 4 inches erect, and to be honest I think he is embellishing on the 4 inches [it may be more like three inches].

He explained to me that he wanted to be my cuckold.  I was all like “huh???”  What the hell did he mean by he wanted me to be his real life cuckold…  Yes there are barriers to doing this for real…  Like come on, man, we are only on the phone… how can I truly make him MY cuckold?  Well, he had quite a few ideas up his sleeve…

Cuckold Mission: Step One

He wanted me to contact one of my FWB [Friends with Benefits] to see if he would be interested in hooking up last Saturday night.  That was easy; there is a cutie named Kevin that I fuck around with from time to time just to get my rocks off…  ya know, mama’s gotta eat!

Cuckold Mission: Step Two

Phoenix Shops for Her Cuckold (800) 601-6975
Jimmy wanted me to go shopping.  Like shop for the sluttiest outfits: something skin tight, short and of course stiletto shoes.  All the while, I took Jimmy along with me; I took pictures of EVERY outfit I tried on and sent it to him until we agreed on his favorite dress + shoes.  He loved that he was paying for his young bratty girlfriend to buy sexy clothes to get fucked in.

Cuckold Mission: Step Three

He treated me to a mani/pedi and a visit to my favorite hairdresser.  Of course I sent him photos of my entire day, up until I was completely done up for my Saturday night rendezvous with Kevin.  Jimmy also ensured I was able to have a bottle of champagne for Kevin and I so that we were a little loose and buzzed.


At first, Kevin was a little weirded out…  He didn’t understand why my “boyfriend” wanted to hear me get fucked.  But I explained to him how tiny Jimmy’s cock was and how he got pleasure from listening to his princess get pounded by a real man with a massive penis.  [Oh, and Kevin’s thingy is one to worship FOR SURE!]

Exactly at 10:30pm, Jimmy calls…  Kevin and I have already started to fool around, make out, touch each other… both incredibly bubbly and buzzed from the champers [that’s millennial talk for “champagne”].   The conversation went a little something like this:

Jimmy:  “Are you both there?”

Me: *giggling* “yes, and he’s [Kevin] already really fucking hard”

Kevin: “I hear you have a tiny fucking cock.  You wanna hear your girl suck a real dick?”

Jimmy:  *gulp* “Oh god yes”


And the rest is history… haha…  If you want to hear more in detail, you know where to find me. 😉