Put it in your mouth.

I love having things in my mouth…  whether it’s a tasty meal, a sweet strawberry lollipop or something naughtier, I must say that I have a serious oral fixation.  There is something incredibly sensual about studying another’s lips; the way a man bites down on his bottom lip when yearning to be inside of my warm, velvety abyss. The way I pout whenever the princess doesn’t get whatever she wants, or even when I purse my lips knowing I’ve caught my prey in the palm of my hand and there is no way he can escape.  One’s mouth says a lot about what they’re feeling and what they desire.

Well today, I’m craving mangoes…  and what better way to show you how much I love putting things in my mouth than by posting a video of me doing just that.  Plus it doesn’t hurt having my melons out while eating one of my favorite fruits.  Enjoy!  [but not too much LOL ;)]