Role Play with Bae

I’ve been getting a little bored with reality lately, so I think it’s time to switch things up for a hot moment… who’s up for some role playing?! I’ve been imagining all types of scenarios lately, and honestly they all get me turned on! Of course, the “classics” are hard to resist, like the sexy schoolteacher punishing a naughty student, or the hot cop handcuffing and locking down a criminal, and even the tantalizing flight attendant introducing one lucky passenger to the mile-high club. I’m already imagining the dirty things I’d say and do to you, as well which panties would best match each character. Yes, I would gladly take on any of these roles, but alas they’ve all been done so many times before. I’d rather push my creativity to its limits — or rather to yours — and see just how much our imaginations can bring us to the pinnacle of pleasure. That’s why role playing is such a special delight for me— you can create an entirely new reality in which your darkest dreams come to light. You can truly be whoever you wish to be, and no one outside of this fantastic world you’ve created will ever know just how naughty you really can be.

I want to know what kind of roles you’re dreaming about seeing me play… no matter how realistic or fictional. Seductive nurse? Tantalizing extraterrestrial? Medieval princess?  You know I’m down for anything, and the dirtier the better.  So tell me… what role playing fantasies are you harboring in that head of yours?