Round and Round I Go

Isn’t it interesting how something so simple can bring you so much pleasure? I couldn’t help but think of this when I recently rediscovered one of my favorite exercises— hula hooping! It takes a lot of practice to get the rhythm just right, but once you do, it’s like working magic. And I think we all know just how important rhythm can be for certain adult activities 😉  I love working my hips ‘round and ‘round, slowly and sensually at first, but then increasing my speed until my movements are mesmerizing. It’s actually great training for a few of my other hobbies, like lap dancing, grinding, fucking… well, I think you already have a clear idea of what I like.

What I love most about hula hooping is the concentration it requires. I have to forget about everything else around me and focus just on my body… how quickly or slowly to rotate my hips, or when to shift my balance back and forth. Once that hula hoop starts going, nothing else matters, but the movement of my hips… and that goes for me and my audience. But on the contrary, sometimes it’s better to just let go and let instinct take over— to lose yourself in the rhythm and revel in the satisfaction of the movement… and keep those good gyrations coming! In case you need any more persuasion, I’ll let you watch me go a few rounds.


*Click image to play video