Super Hero

Do you know how incredibly obsessed I am with comic books + anime?  Well, someone out there sure does!  One of my favorite pets [you know who you are! haha] did something super awesome for my birthday this year. He brought my obsession into reality and made me some AMAZING super hero outfits!  The best part is that every time I wear one of his pieces, I can feel the material rubbing against my cooter.

While I am known for being a spoiled princess that loves to tease the boys, I do have a soft spot for my guys that go out of their way to please me in extraordinary ways. I usually make my little pet – known as my “Precious One” – beg me for an orgasm, which most of the times I deny, but once I received this package filled with handmade heroine garb, all I wanted to do was make him shoot a load immediately! Mission accomplished, obvi! haha