My best friend died on April 1st.

I literally thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. Some of you know of Stephanie and how close we were… some of you even had the privilege of talking to her on the line when she was thinking about joining LDW!Β  She’s the first girl I’ve ever kissed and have come close to having a threesome with her sooooo many times.Β  She was my ultimate wing-woman…Β  We’d go to bars together and hustle guys on the pool table all while wearing short skirts & stiletto heels.

She joined me on a Cock Radio show a couple of years ago… Stephanie was incredibly fascinated with sex work and adored all of you guys that interacted with us.Β  She would regularly ask about some of you [you know who you are!!!] and would even have me relay messages to the ones she connected with the most.

My heart is broken, and I’ve been taking time off to heal. I’m finally ready to talk to people and be social again. I’ve missed you all terribly.

I will be around to take calls, but I must ask that you all be gentle.Β  I’m open to fulfilling fantasies & getting a little dirty, but keep in mind that I’m fresh off of my grief tour and am still recovering.Β  Feel free to email me first if you want to check on me before calling, or if you just want to call in to say hello & catch up, I would LOVE to hear your voices.Β  I know some of you have been emailing me as I just opened my inbox to soooooooooooo many messages!!!Β  Thank you for making me feel loved; that in itself is priceless.Β  I will try to reply to all of your emails, but it’s gonna take me a few days!

I adore you all and am looking forward to hanging with you soon! Red heart