These Shoes Were Made for Walkin’

And one of these days these shoes are gonna walk right over you! I’m hoping that day comes sooner rather than later, because I am more than ready to step back into my dominatrix role. In fact, I think I’ve been too sweet to my pets lately… it’s time to dole out some discipline! As mentioned above, I want to walk all over you — literally. And not just because I’ve got a great pair of stilettos that are just begging to be worn, but also because I need to remind you all of where you belong— beneath my feet. You’re here not for your own pleasure, but for mine.

I command you to strip and lie face-down on the floor… where you’ll be nothing but a mere floor mat to me. And since you’ll be an inanimate object, you must remain absolutely silent and as still as a statue as I take step after step on you. When you feel the sweet pain of my heel digging into your skin, think of all the words you should have said sooner to get me turned on…. And when you experience that delicious pressure of my domination pushing into your body, remind yourself of all the spontaneous gifts you could have sent me to win my affection.  The only contact you’ll have with me is with the bottom of my shoes, whether I’m walking across your submissive ass or repositioning your body with a mere flick of my foot. And if you want more contact than that? Too bad! Mercy is not to be expected this time around.

However, I must recognize the fact that some of you have been rather good boys lately… so for those of you who have delighted me with your scandalous imaginations and sexy surprises, I have a special reward. You get to choose the stilettos that I’ll wear to walk all over you.  See? I can be a benevolent mistress sometimes! But only when I want to be.