Tis the Season

Well, hoe hoe hoe…. wait, that is how it’s spelled, right? Anyways, it’s officially the hoe-liday season! Sorry, I just can’t help myself when it cums to puns, lol. But all puns aside, it’s almost Christmas, which means another crucially important holiday is quickly approaching. Wanna take a guess? Well, if you said “Phoenix’s birthday,” then you’re the lucky winner! I love being showered with gifts and special surprises on any given day, but that still can’t compare to the love one feels at this time of the year. You know, since it’s so cold outside, you’ve got to keep me extra warm with your love. 😉

But I must admit, I’ve been an awfully naughty girl this year. And I haven’t been all that nice either. I’ve been very demanding and made others submit to my will, either by way of physical punishment or psychological torture. But what can I say? I love to tease. 😛  I’ve used people for my own pleasures while denying them orgasm. It doesn’t sound very nice, but still they loved it.

Anyways, I don’t think you admire me for being nice; on the contrary, you love me for being naughty! So in that regard, I’ve been a very, very good girl. Don’t you think I deserve a special reward for that? Show your princess some love for her birthday and the holiday season. The more generous you are, the more likely you’ll find out just how generous I can be in return. After all, isn’t the season all about giving and receiving? 😉