Truth or Dare…

I’m in the mood for another game tonight, and since I enjoy taking classic things and adding my own naughty twist to them, I hope you’re all ready for a few rounds of “Truth or Dare”! It’s such a simple game, and yet there is so much that can be done depending on your imagination and willingness to bare both your mind and your body to me. I will warn you: this game is for the brave, not the shy.

If you choose truth, then you better be ready to spill your darkest secrets to me… I want to know your dirtiest, most dangerous fantasies. If you share enough details with me, then maybe I can make them a reality one day 😉  I’ll also want to know what turns you on the most, and all the things you’ve dreamed of doing to me… just so I can tease you with that later. But if you choose dare, then be prepared to undergo a bit of suffering and humiliation. Don’t worry— it will still be extremely (perhaps even excruciatingly) sensual, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to take it easy on you. In fact, I’m going to make things very, very hard. You might dare to be my servant, donning heavy chains and obeying each and every one of my merciless wishes… you might dare to be whipped and spanked until your entire back bares the marks of my harsh affection… you might dare to torture yourself by watching me masturbate right in front of you, or even by watching me receive loads of pleasure from someone else as you’re completely helpless and immobile. Either way, I’ll be calling all the shots, and you’ll be getting a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure. So what will it be first… truth? Or dare? 

Oh and to all my fellow mistresses out there… maybe we can make this a group activity. As they say, the more the merrier… I’d love to hear your sexy ideas on how to best tease and torture these helpless sissy boys 😛