Undress to Impress

Everyone is familiar with the saying “dress to impress,” right? Coordinating the perfect outfit, choosing the right intimates for the occasion, and donning a stunning dress that perfectly hugs your body’s curves can certainly be impressive. It shows that you know how to treat yourself and that you’re not afraid to demand some well-deserved attention and respect from others. But you know I tend to think differently. I’d much rather undress to impress. It’s not just about showing off my body, but my confidence too! It’s no secret that I’m proud of my sexuality, and I love my curves (if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?), and I love showing off how sexy I feel, especially thanks to you boys. Of course, teasing you is also one of the reasons I get so much pleasure from this.

And isn’t that why we really love to undress one another? To tease ourselves until our tongues are dripping wet with anticipation? It’s not just the physical act of taking off the clothes, but the fantasy behind watching as I slowly unzip the back of my dress, slide it off my shoulders and down the contours of my hips and my ass, then unclasp my bra and slip off my lacy thong ever so slowly to reveal all my goodies. Are you visualizing this as you read? Think about each moment in slow-motion, imagine that I’m undressing myself right there in front of you, and remember you can look but you can’t touch! Undressing isn’t just about the state of being naked either, but freeing my body and simultaneously torturing you from afar with the thought of touching, kissing, biting (and who knows what else?) my bare skin. So, while some people are suiting up and sporting their finest, I will maintain that stripping it all off is much more admirable.

Need more convincing? Allow me to impress you.