Victoria Secret’s Shopathon Panty Check!

7.22fFor the next few weeks, the #PantyCheck that I host on my weekly Cock Radio show will be sponsored by a special listener out there!  Remember a few weeks ago I told you all about my little cucky that took me shopping for some less cotton inspired undies, but for some racier + lacier lingerie?  Well, that special someone dared me to wear a new matching set of bra + panties for every show over the course of the next few weeks.  I also upped the anty by promising to share pics of my new underoos on twitter and now I’m going a step further by sharing some of the outtake photos from this past Friday’s show!

I think this may be a new tradition…  Panty Checks… WCW…  This is turning into school all over again! haha

Per usual, if you guys have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, feel free to shoot me an email or make a comment below in the comment section!

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