Being silly, blowing kisses…

Oh how I love being silly and blowing kisses to my special fellas…  You know me, always aiming to please or looking for someone that knows how to please me! haha  I promised to post videos as much as possible, right?  So I hope it brightens your day… make you laugh or make your cock twitch. 😉

I would apologize for not posting up any new blogs this week, but sorry I’m not sorry.  😛  I’ve been busy catching up with friends and family over the holidays, plus I was in Miami with Empress Delia for my birthday!  I totally need to catch you all up on my mini-adventure with her and meeting her boy toy Jack; she is utterly delicious.  In the meanwhile, check out her post to get a taste of our first encounter.  It was purely innocent fun and you can check out our Cock Radio show we did together last Friday from her hotel room.

For more fun videos, check them out here