If you’ve been following me lately, then you know I’m a nerd at heart who is always searching for new terms to add to my long list of word porn— the longer the better, right? Here’s one of my new favorites: orphic, which means mysterious and entrancing. Anyways, there’s one word in particular that’s been dancing throughout my fantasies a lot this week: voyeurism. According to the dictionary, voyeurism refers to the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity. But according to me, voyeurism is just about anything that involves getting turned on (or perhaps even getting off!) by watching others, it doesn’t necessarily mean nudity or engagement in sexual activity. Any physical activity will do!

One of my favorite places to go on a little “voyeurism voyage” is the gym. It’s really a perfect setting to jump-start one’s imagination; a collection of physically determined people, bodies moving to a certain rhythm and contorting into special positions, well-defined muscles glistening with beads of perspiration, that feeling of both pleasure and pain every time you contract and release. It’s so easy to get carried away and forget about your own routine! But the gym is an obvious voyeurism destination, and you know I enjoy discovering pleasure in unexpected places 😛   Where would you like to go “voyeuring?”

Of course, voyeurism is all about watching; feeding the imagination and tickling those untouchable senses. Considering how much I love to be in on the action, this is quite a challenge for me! When I find the right partners, I like to tease myself by forcing myself to just watch for a while. It’s even better when I’m tied down and have no choice. Seeing others giving and receiving pleasure creates this euphoric feeling and makes my pussy unbelievably wet! I love how the anticipation builds and builds and builds and my heart races faster and faster, until I’m finally invited to the party. Just thinking about it makes me excited! Now my question for you. Are you ready to go on a voyeurism voyage with me?