Walk a mile in my panties.

So, I have a challenge for you sissy boys! It’s going to require some time and a good effort — you know I’ll want this done properly — on your behalf, while I will sit back, relax and enjoy the special advantages of your dedication to me. Your task is to do some shopping for me– specifically for some panties. It’s up to you as to which panties you choose to buy, but you know I tend to prefer the lacy, colorful, suggestive ones. The more extravagant, the better. So don’t you dare buy anything boring, or anything that every other girl could wear, for that matter. It should be a unique pair of panties, one fit for your slutty princess, but the number one requirement is that these panties turn you on instantly. I want you to enjoy these panties since you’ll be the one wearing them.

That’s right– the real challenge is not to buy the panties, but to wear them! And I don’t mean wearing them around the house or in the comfortable privacy of your own bedroom. No, that would be far too easy. I want to get my pleasure from making you step even further outside your comfort zone, so you are commanded to wear these raunchy panties the next time you leave the house. You can wear them beneath your normal clothes so they’ll be hidden of course (just our naughty little secret), but you must wear them for a full day. That way it’s guaranteed that you’ll be thinking of me alllll day long, but you’ll have to maintain your regular composure and keep any excitement to yourself. As you clandestinely enjoy wearing these flashy panties, know that you’re making  your princess a very satisfied girl.

So are you ready to walk a mile in my panties? If you are up for the challenge, I want to know which panties you choose and how it goes. Don’t let me down 😉