Wanna Dance

So, I think everyone likes music, right? You know what I mean, whether it’s a certain genre, or finding the right song, and it just makes you want to dance. Well, lately I’ve been wanting to go dance and show off some tight dresses and stiletto heels. There’s something about getting all dressed up and showing off for someone, you know I want to look good for my baby, then going out and making all the other guys jealous that they can’t have me. I love dancing close to someone, swaying my hips to the beat and grinding my ass against your crotch, especially when I’m not wearing much else beneath my skirt. 😉

I love feeling that heat with you, that electric shock as the music moves through us and brings us closer together, that amazing energy when I feel your hands exploring my hips and the rest of my body, with your lips against my neck. I just can’t get enough. Even if we do a slow dance, like a classic waltz, that feeling of being close and sharing a romantic embrace is just perfect. So I ask you, may I have this dance? Will you come close to me, put your body against mine, and enjoy the music? I want to feel you against me, but I should warn you that I could dance all night long into morning. Let me show you.

*click image to play video*