wedgie-gifI love giving myself wedgies. I didn’t realize I loved it until I met a caller that requested for me to pull my panties up between my ass cheeks. Not understanding his fascination with it, I decided to play along. Grabbing a hold at the top of my cute little cotton knickers, letting the material ride up the crack of my ass. Just feeling the panties graze against my asshole made my cooter pulsate in the best way possible. Oh, and that’s not all.

Did you know that us females can get frontal wedgies?  Yep!  And O… M… G! It’s like having camel toe, but on purpose. Like, grabbing the softest cloud from out of the sky and rubbing it against my sweet clitty. Letting my pussy lips spill over the edge of my panties drove me NUTS!  Forget having a lady boner, I damn near instantly came from giving myself this glorious wedgie!

So in honor of that special caller out there, here is a little looped video of me giving myself a wedgie. Over and over again.



Click on video to play…