Wife Crush Wednesdays… Goddess Rachel


As one little slave has said about Goddess Rachel “I love how her words creep inside and take over…”  That’s just a taste of the raw sexual power this week’s #WCW possesses!

Goddess Rachel, well let’s call her GR… or better yet, let’s just make the sound “grrrrrrrrr” when we talk about her….  Grrrrrrr is one of those mistresses that knows what she wants, gets what she wants and then devours you whole once she has you.  Not sure if you all had a chance to listen to our special Cock Radio episode together, but she had me squirming and kept my panties wet the whole goddamn time!

I love how sweet she sounds when she tells me what she’s gonna do to me…  And the things she says are NOT sweet at all!  They’re quite deliciously evil, just as she is.  Grrrrr lets me get away with being a “Pillow Princess”, but in reality she is the Queen of my P. haha 😉

As if I am one of her slaves, I only hope this post pleases my Goddess…